Notes and Suggestions for using CollEngWorld Community

How to make the best use of your Community

We value your participation and contribution to building this community, we really do.

This quick overview gives some general guidance on the best practices to post your contributions across CollEngWorld's network areas.

Would you like to better understand user categories? Just Check this out.


Groups are great to start targeted conversations, share info, and connect with peers with the same interests of you.

In Groups, you can post general comments on the wall and use the Group level forum to start a threaded conversation. 

*Note: Please contact me if there is a specific Group you would like to have created. We are very open to starting new Groups and accommodating users.


Images & Video uploading

Please write a description and / or detail out the image or video. This really helps explain what we're looking at and there maybe a good back story. Be as detailed as possible and take a few extra moments to describe the render, image, picture or video.



blog is the right place to post an online journal, suitable for commentary (you can add pictures, videos and other multimedia), general comments, sharing opinions or experiences. I've always viewed blogs as your personal voice, that gives the others the choice to comment if they feel prompted.



Here you can ask and answer questions, or join an on-going conversation with your peers. Forums are also a great place, of course, to get a question answered from experts in the field.

There are two types of Forums:

The first is located on the Forum menu (on left side bar): you'll find all the posts (sorted by latest activity, newest created or popularity) and some categories to start a discussion.

We're always open to suggestions on new categories, so if you have one - please send me a message

The second type is found in Groups (You must be a member): here you can start some really focused conversations.

Use the Forums in either place when you need feedback, are looking for advice and/or you want to have a new thread to deepen a particular topic.

When I approach Forums, I usually think: "First listen, than talk". You wouldn't just barge into a party and start talking to people, more likely you'll listen to the conversation around you at first, and then contribute or start your own conversation. 


Wall Posts

Within Groups there are the comment walls: a good place to post links and brief comments relevant to that specific Group.

They are arranged to just flow down as member's post comments. Every member also has their own personal wall (similar to Facebook pages) where friends can reply.

Often I see great comments on walls that should have been started as a Forum post in the Group to keep the conversation going. So if you're looking for feedback and you're going to post something to the wall, please start a discussion in a forum instead!