Forum and Blog Rules and Guidelines

A quick guide to use the forum

1. Be polite.

You must respect and be tolerant with the other users. It’s important to treat everyone else as you want to be treated.

Do not start or foster futile topics in order to avoid useless outcomes.

Users who insult, threat or misbehave in general will be punished in line with art.9.


2. Post responsibly.

Always search and read through the forum before posting.

If you want to engage a direct conversation with other users, post your comment in the thread of your interest.

Duplicates of existing threads are unhelpful, so please avoid them.

In order to refer to a particular concept already covered in another post, we suggest to quote it.

Help the community to keep it clean and direct in order to maximize the profit of every interaction.


3. Be clear.

When starting a new thread, always create a completely defining and clear topic title, in order to help the people who'll search for it and keep it easily on topic.

This is a multicultural community and we chose to use English for a better understanding of every interaction. Always use a clear and very understandable way to express yourself, avoid the use of acronyms, abbreviations or any kind of slang that might make your contribution too obscure for others.


4. Sensitive data are personal matter.

Never share personal data in threads or comments, as you might as well on the internet in general.

If you need to share sensitive data for any reason, always prefer personal messages or your personal e-mail.

Avoid publishing copyright protected material, it will show respect for the work of others and protect yourself from legal issues. The community declines any responsibility on matters derived by the conduct described above.


5. Spam is useless.

Using spam and scam is awful (both on forums and on the internet in general) and here is strictly forbidden as well.

Do not make fun or insult other users for your own amusement and please do not reply to such kind of assaults. A troll needs to be fed: if we ignore him, he will no longer bother us.

Do not publish material that might represent a threat of computer virus infection.


6. Be honest.

On this forum offensive activity is prohibited by the law. To protect everyone's sensitivity, do not abuse other users with racist, sexist or any other kind of hateful speech.

In order to raise awareness on this matter, the administration will punish every act against this rule with a permanent ban from the entire platform.


7. Promote yourself, not stuff.

It’s good to promote our work and professionalism, and this is one of our main goals on this platform, but it’s important doing it in the right ways. Posting link from other forums if not related and useful to the discussion is not one of them, so be kind and avoid it.

Same thing for creating threads with the only purpose to post unrelated external links.


8. How to defend yourself.

If you feel offended by some content posted on these pages, or simply want to report any other kind of rule flouting, please contact an administrator in the specific area of the forum. Do not create posts or threads to request disciplinary action or threads to comment disciplinary action taken by administrators. Contribute actively in making this community grow in the right way.


9. Sanctions.

We created these rules to make everyone’s life on the forum relaxed, productive and communicative. Following them will help us in our purpose. Anyone who will break them will be incur in a penalty proportional to the damage caused. We will treat any case individually and fairly.

Although users can contact them at any moment, administrators will be the only one responsible for judging, deciding and applying punishments. When the administrators, following the rules above, will decide that a content posted on this forum does not comply with the community goals or is violating in any way the rules established on this document, would moderate it. They will apply moderation through closing the thread (keeping it online but still consultable) or cancelling it (erasing definitively from the community).