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Standard Architecture proposes modular megastructure "for any context"
"Every interpretation is legitimate, even the most critical" says Christo of his artworks
Spirit of the City at A/D/O "designed for people to lose themselves in" says United Visual Artists
Shape-shifting Cypher sculpture by Ozel Office controlled by sensors and virtual reality
Chequered blue La Doce sports venue reinvigorates impoverished Mexico City neighbourhood
Cadaval & Solà-Morales nestles Casa de la Roca into Mexican woodland
Design, Bitches envisions assortment of pavilions for new park concept
Christo interview: London Mastaba floating installation
P.O.D.System shoe by adidas embraces a design from the 1990s
Neil Denari designs spherical complex for adidas and Dezeen's P.O.D.System Architecture project
Reconfigurable wheel changes from tyre to track in two seconds
Michael Arad unveils Emanuel Nine Memorial to commemorate Charleston church shooting