CollEngWorld is a collaborative online network which promotes Collaborative Engineering for the benefit of humanity.

Until now, the existing system created an impenetrable wall which prevented promising young professionals and small businesses from accessing the engineering framework. The new concept will enable everybody to show their value and make their expertise available.

CollEngWorld will enable engineers to collaborate, exchange units of value-energy, time, and money as well as reconfigure supply chains and production processes, sharing information in line with demand and capacity. The system distributes power across a peer-to-peer network with no single point of control.

There are countless opportunities to construct Open Networked Enterprises which disrupt or displace traditional centralized models, potentially evolving into nascent Distributed Autonomous Enterprises.

Incumbent and new entries alike can construct new reputation-based business architectures that can innovate better, and create greater value at a lower cost, thereby enabling producers to share the wealth they create.

Like you, several users worldwide are already part of the network and are currently benefiting from the activities and concrete opportunities to apply for engineering jobs all over the world.

Being part of CollEngWorld means entering an international group of professionals and companies from all engineering fields. Online networking increases our problem-solving capabilities, going beyond offline collaboration methods to amplify our collective intelligence.

By increasing the scale of cooperation, online tools expand the range of available expertise providing the opportunity to explore ideas in depth in a way impossible for a small group with limited expertise.

Alone we are weak, together we are strong.